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Novakid is an online English learning platform. 

Our international team works all over the world with children aged 4-12 from more than 50 countries. 

Our unique program was created for children of different levels of English proficiency. Interactive online lessons at Novakid are held in a virtual classroom which is easy to navigate both for teachers and students.

What We Believe

Our mission is to change this world for the better and make affordable, high-quality education available to every child in the world. As an employer, we work hard every day to create a comfortable environment for both our teachers and students.

What We Do

We provide an interactive program that was designed by experienced teachers and methodologists to create a unique environment for children. This way, they can learn English intuitively as if it was their native language.


  • Constant flow of students. At Novakid, your schedule will be filled with students from all over the globe 
  • Instant money withdrawal. Earn money and make payouts at your convenience 
  • Flexible hours & comfort working from home
  • Provided curricula. No more lesson planning – Novakid will provide you with all the materials you need
  • Bonuses. Our teachers earn over $1000 simply by referring their fellow teachers to us
  • Professional growth. Free webinars and courses are available for our teachers

Our main advantages

  • Time and location flexibility
  • Prepared teaching materials
  • Administration
  • Professional growth
  • Global Reach
  • Mentorship

See what our current teacher think about us

Everyone knows the role of English in the globalization era. Novakid is giving kids from non-English speaking countries the possibility to learn the language with native speakers. And I'm so proud to be a key that helps our students to open doors to their bright future.

Novakid teacher since July 2018